Squad Objectives

 Long Term Athletic Development - Swim Skills / Training to Train

To provide swimmers with competitive training and competition opportunities without the commitment requirement of the Competitive and Development (Gold/Silver) Squads.
Training will be challenging and will aim to improve Aerobic Capacity and Power, Anaerobic Capacity and Power plus all-out speed.

Training Timetable

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  20:00-21:00     20:30-21:30    


All Sessions are at Freemans Quay unless stated "(DS)" - Durham School

*  Invitation Only


Squad Criteria

Entry Criteria :

Ideal Age: Male 18+ yrs, Female 18+ yrs
Must have met tsage 9 of the NPTS
Have not or are unable to meet the commitment criteria for the Competitive or Development (Gold/Silver) Squads

Commitment Criteria :

To remain competitive in competitions it is suggested that swimmers try and attend as many sessions as possible
If swimmers wish to maintain fitness it is suggested that swimmers try and attend 2/3 sessions per week
Attend sessions punctually, arriving 10mins before the session commences

Exit Criteria :

Squad Promotion to an appropriate Competitive squad
Breach of the DCASC Code of Conduct resulting in being asked to leave the Club