Squad Objectives

 Long Term Athletic Development - Training to Train

The first of the Durham City ASC Competitive Squads; the aim of this squad is for swimmers to be introduced to the types of training and competition that are required to be a long-term success in competitive swimming. The emphasis of the squad is to increase the efficiency of skills and stroke technique as they start to cover further distances.

Training Timetable

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
      06:00-07:15 DS     08:00-10:00
18:45-19:00 LT 17:30-18:00 LT   18:00-19:00 LT 18:45-19:00 LT   10:00-10:30 Flex
19:00-20:30 DS 18:00-19:30   19:30-21:00 19:00-21:00 DS    


All Sessions are at Freemans Quay unless stated : (DS) - Durham School, (SA) - Sandhill View Academy

* Males 14-17 / Females 13-17


Squad Criteria

Entry Criteria :

Consistently achieving the commitment criteria of Gold
Ideal Age: Male 11‐13yrs, Female 10‐12yrs (Age as at 31st December)
Demonstrate good technique on all 4 strokes
Demonstrate good training and racing skills (incl. pacing and stroke counts)
Demonstrate good movement ptterns during land training exercises
Must have swum a legal 200 IM in an external competition
Must have swum a legal 400 FR in an external competition

Commitment Criteria :

Training attendance must meet a monthly average of 70%
External competition attendance must aim to meet 70%
Must arrive on poolside 10mins before every session
Must maintain a log book
Demonstrate full commitment to the club through positive attitude and engagement with additional offers (e.g. long course training, training camps, away meets and club seminars)
Working towards being able to complete the following test sets holding target HR and/or target times whilst maintaining stroke count/rates:
   1) 22x100 FR @2.00/2.10
   2) 18x100 IM Split @2.15/2.25
   3) 8x200 Kick @4.30/4.40
   4) 4x25 UWFK (<30 Kicks) @1.00

Exit Criteria :

Squad Promotion to Age Group Performance
Breach of the DCASC Code of Conduct resulting in being asked to leave the Club
Unable to meet the commitment criteria
Movement to Club or Sprint Squad

Recommended Galas - Age Group Competitive Squad

Sat Sep 16 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
Richmond Dales Back to Pool
Sun Sep 17 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
Richmond Dales Back to Pool